Somali Museum of Minnesota

1516 E Lake Street, Suite 011
Minneapolis, MN 55407

Minnesota has the largest Somali diaspora community in the United States and Lake Street has the honor of housing the first museum devoted entirely to Somali culture in the country–and possibly in the world. As stated on the mission section of their website,

The Somali Museum is the home of traditional Somali arts in Minnesota.  Displaying a collection of over 700 pieces, and offering educational programs about Somali traditional culture that are not offered anywhere else, the Somali Museum offers an unrivaled opportunity for Minnesotans of all backgrounds to encounter and learn about Somali traditional culture.

The Somali Museum’s mission is to use this collection as a tool for education: making it possible for young Somalis who have grown up in the United States to connect with their culture, as well as Minnesotans of other ethnic heritage to encounter Somali art and traditional culture for the first time.  The Museum's programs explore the changing role of traditional arts and culture as the Somali people move across borders and time.  By promoting the highest forms of Somali creativity, the Somali Museum believes that it can also help to diminish harmful prejudice and misunderstanding.

Given the museum's flexible hours–they're open Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday, and by appointment–and reasonable entry fees, there is little reason not to plan a visit.

Visit their website at www.somalimuseum.org for more information, and plan your trip today!

Somali Museum