Pedal to the Metal: Traveling Foundry

Pedal to the Metal : Traveling Foundry (PM Foundry) is an interactive tool designed for public or private events. With the assistance of professional staff participants can expect to make their own small scale sculptures to be poured with molten metal before their eyes. Sculptures can be taken home just minutes after being made or customized workshops can create collaborative community pieces to be enjoyed by all into the future. Working in bronze, aluminum, sterling, or lead-free pewter indoors or out, day or night, and even without access to electricity, this experience can truly be created nearly anywhere.

Projects have ranged from cast bronze pendants, to tokens, cast pewter mini-sculptures, and rings. Aluminum or bronze tiles to be set into cement for permanent appreciation, and a private workshop creating cast sterling jewelry. We can even bring a mold with your message on it to live cast pieces for your guests to take away. With both recommended and customizable options the experience can be tailored to fit your event. Jess and Pedal to the Metal are also available for custom art creations, sculpture, and metal works.

Having background and interest in working with diverse and often underserved populations, Pedal to the Metal: Traveling foundry is ready to engage, adding an unforgettable and unique element to your event.


Pedal to the Metal Foundry