Minneapolis Pioneers and Soldiers Memorial Cemetery

2945 Cedar Avenue South
Minneapolis, MN 55407

With the first burial in 1853, the Minneapolis Pioneers and Soldiers Memorial Cemetery (formerly Layman’s Cemetery) is the oldest in Minneapolis. The cemetery is the permanent burial place for over 21,000 people, over half of which are children.

The cemetery has been on the National Registry of Historic Places since 2002, one of the few cemeteries to have this distinction. When you visit be sure to note the historic 1871 Caretaker’s Cottage, the flagpole, monuments, and unique fence. You may wish to plan your exploration of the cemetery to coincide with one of the events organized by Friends of the Cemetery, which include Cinema in the Cemetery, an annual Memorial Day Celebration (which is approaching its 150th anniversary!) and other events.

To find out more information about notable burials, hours, history, events, and how to get involved with the restoration of the cemetery, please visit the following websites run by Friends of the Cemetery.


Minneapolis Pioneers and Soldiers Memorial Cemetery