Midtown Station

Today, Midtown station glows in an array of colored artist designed transparent panels in the space above the busy Lake Street/Hiawatha Avenue intersection. The ever-changing intersection of Lake Street and Hiawatha Avenue feels as though it is never content to make a choice. Over decades, the corner has morphed countless times, reflecting historical urban change of several eras. Freight rail changed to light rail. Industry shifts toward commerce. Look at a picture of the intersection from as little as twenty years ago, and it is scarcely recognizable to today's two-tiered artery.The current station is one of only two elevated platforms along the Blue Line of the Light Rail transit network. Service to the station began with the opening of the Blue line in June of 2004

Adjacent to the Midtown Station is the bustling Midtown Farmers' Market opening twice weekly on Tuesday evenings and Saturday mornings seasonally May-October. The market is notable for its innovative efforts and success incorporating the MN Food Support programs into the market operations, allowing consumers to use state supported food benefits to purchase Minnesota produced market goods and even offering added financial benefits to those consumers. Often the market pairs with artists and musicians and a rotating selection of food trucks or specialty items to make each week unique and memorable.

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Midtown Station
Collin Knopp-Schwyn