Midtown Global Market

920 E Lake Street
Minneapolis, MN 55407

Built in 1928 the Sears, Roebuck & Company the Sears Building served as a warehouse and mail-order shop until it closed its doors in 1994. The the iconic and long vacant Sears building seemed destined to become a big box retailer driving local businesses from the neighborhood. Community members banded together to save the building succeeding in having it listed on the National Registry of Historic Places in 2005 and redeveloped as the Midtown Global Market in 2006.

From the Midtown Global Market Website:

Today, Midtown Global Market is a vibrant economic and cultural center where community gathers. Home to over 45 businesses spanning over 22 cultures, the Market provides a global experience to its visitors with an extraordinary variety of tastes, arts and crafts as well as music and dance programs throughout the week. Over 1.5 million patrons visit Midtown Global Market each year.

The Midtown Global Market hosts various ongoing events year round. Events include music, cook-offs, and cultural celebrations as well as ongoing weekly events such as Wee Wednesdays which includes free programming for children and families ranging from arts and crafts, zoo visits, music making and food tastings. Every Friday they host Family Fun Days with varying programming as well. For more information and upcoming events, visit their website at www.midtownglobalmarket.org

Midtown Global Market
Jess Bergman Tank