The Project:

Inspired by the efforts of those who love Lowertown to ensure that knowledge of and connection with the past remains strong during times of growth, our project offers a tangible link between places, history, and people. During a guided bronze pour in Mears Park, participants will explore a new skill while interacting with historical imagery connected to the places, events, and people that make Lowertown unique. The pour will yield small tokens bearing imagery on one side and directions to an informational and mapping website on the other. The tokens will then be scattered throughout Lowertown to be discovered, documented, researched, and re-hidden by others. Designed to connect and teach, our project is an embodiment of the carefully cultivated relationship between past, present, and future that is making Lowertown a hub of dynamic, creative energy.

The Place:

Lowertown is an historic district in St. Paul, MN. It began its slow (but continuing) redevelopment as an artistic community in the 1970s. With many nonprofits and arts organizations in the area, it’s a great place to be an artist and community member!
The bronze pour will take place in the southwest corner of Mears Park during a Music in Mears event on August 27, 2015. Following the bronze pour, the created tokens will be hidden throughout Lowertown St. Paul to be discovered and appreciated by community members, visitors, and friends of the area.

The People: Jess Bergman Tank

Jessica Bergman Tank

Jess Bergman Tank is a Twin Cities-based art maker, public artist, and teaching artist. She instructs metalcasting at the Chicago Avenue Fire Arts Center (CAFAC) and has a traveling foundry she uses for public and community building events. Her background includes both 2D and 3D work, and she specializes in providing arts programming for underserved youth. She received her Bachelor of Arts from the University of Minnesota in both Studio Arts and Art History with Summa Cum Laude Honors. Jess spends her free time biking with her kids, enjoying the natural world, traveling, and cooking tasty edibles.

The People: Klara Wagnild

Klara Wignild

Klara Wagnild is the founder of Artsourced, an artist services business that focuses on providing supportive business and marketing services to artists. She graduated from St. Olaf College with degrees in Religion and Philosophy in 2012, and has been working in the arts ever since. In the public art sphere, Klara specializes in the creative development of ideas and artistic philosophy both during and after the application process. In her free time, she likes to read, sew, and travel.

The Support:

Forecast Logo

This project is made possible by Forecast Public Art, a non-profit arts organization that connects the energies and talents of artists with the needs and opportunities of communities, guiding their partners in creating public art that expresses the community’s sense of place and pride.
To learn more about the grant and Forecast’s Making It Public series, click here.