The Project:

Designed to connect, teach, and engage, Find Me Hide Me illuminates the past, present, and future of a space through the unique lives and experiences of individual participants. Through our project we highlight notable landmarks, local histories, and hidden favorites specific to the areas we visit. Participants can find hidden tokens either through searching intentionally for them or in going about their daily lives. Then they are encouraged to document their token, have the option to something new about the area, and then hide the token somewhere special that they decide is best for another person to have a similar experience. We hope that in the finding of a token a unique and often unexpected memory is formed of a place and moment in time. The participant will forever be a part of the project and connected in a the greater Find Me, Hide Me story as it grows and evolves. They are always welcome to check back on the site to see if their token has been found again and where it has traveled since leaving their hands or they can read about other participants unique stories of token finds. As Find Me Hide Me grows and more locations are added there is a larger map being created linking formerly separate places and creating new connections between places, people, and stories.

The Places:

East Lake Street: East Lake Street has been a landing space for immigrants to the area since in the 1870’s Minneapolis grew to encompass the already popular area. Since then East Lake Street has been a prime area for new commercial activity alongside long standing businesses some of which have called Lake Street home for nearly 100 years. The current Find Me, Hide Me project focuses on Lake Street Between Grand and Hiawatha Avenues.

Lowertown: Lowertown is an historic district in St. Paul, MN. Lowertown was initially a luxury residential neighborhood but nearby bustling train lines and a devastating tornado spurred a transition to primarily industrial usage. Lower town began its redevelopment as an artistic community in the 1970s. With many nonprofits and arts organizations in the area, it is now a great place to be an artist and community member.

The People: Jess Bergman Tank

Jessica Bergman Tank

Jess Bergman Tank is a Minneapolis art maker, public artist, and teaching artist. She is the founder of Pedal to the Metal: Traveling Foundry. PM Foundry is a bicycle transported community engagement and art making tool that allows Jess to cast metal and collaborate with diverse communities channeling creative processes as a means of exploration and growth in place and self. Jess also spreads her love of cast metal at the Chicago Avenue Fire Arts Center where she co-founded the foundry program and instructs metalcasting in her role as Foundry Director. Jess serves as Volunteer Coordinator as well. Not only does Jess love cast metal but she also creates work through other processes both 2D, sculptural, and community based. Jess holds Bachelor Degrees in Studio Arts (summa cum laude honors) and in Art History from the University of Minnesota. She is always interested in unique projects, individual instruction, community collaborations, and commissions.

Contact: pedaltothemetalfoundry@gmail.com | www.facebook.com/pedaltothemetalfoundry