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Welcome! Soo Dhowow! ¡Bienvenido! Zoo siab txais tos!

This is Find Me Hide Me, a public art and mapping project. We've hidden individually-cast bronze tokens outside around town for anyone lucky or attentive enough to find one, day or night.

The current project is focused on Lake Street between Grand Avenue and Hiawatha Avenue. Each token features a cast image on one side representing a local landmark. These images represent individual places and stories. You can learn about the images and also, some history, and interesting tidbits by exploring the "Places" menu on this site. The other side has a stamped serial number. Finders are encouraged to visit this website and to map where they found their token using the serial number stamped on it.

If you found a token, congratulations! Your next step is to click on the "Token Finds" tab and navigate to the "Submit New Find" page. Here you will find instructions to log your token find, as well as the option to add a story and/or a photo of the token. After logging your token, please re-hide it in the location of your choice, anywhere in the world! Taking a vacation? Bring your token! You can always check back on the site and, using your token's individual serial number, you are able to see if it has been found again and where.

There are still tokens out there and we hope you enjoy Find Me Hide Me! We hope in time, and as Find Me Hide Me spreads to new areas, a greater map and new links will be formed between places and stories. Check back often to see new finds and where the tokens end up. Please feel free to contact us with comments and questions.

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